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eSourcing Champions

Alexandra shares with us the recent opportunity to become an eSourcing Champion for one of our clients.

'When  I was first exposed to eSourcing during one of our Xoomworks internal training sessions, I was instantly interested in finding out more. I was struck by the huge business potential of this eTool.'

'A couple of weeks ago we received an invitation from one of our clients to participate in their Financials eSourcing training in Switzerland. I realized this was a great privilege and also a sign of recognition for the work we have done as a team within the Managed Services.'

'The very intensive 5 day Sourcing Pro – RFX events and eAuctions Training gave us the chance to “dive“ into this fairly new Procurement territory for the client. Alongside European and US country managers and Global representatives for their eSourcing processes we were trained in our responsibilities as 'eSourcing Champions'. It also felt a real honour to be the only non-client champions of this module and together with my colleague Anca we are excited to be asked to lead the Spain and German practices respectively going forward'

'The golden rule we took away is that developing metrics for supplier scorecards and accurate preparation of an eSourcing event translate into optimized organizational spend. Maybe more significant is quality information is more important than quantity.'

This training and the entire experience of working with their senior stakeholders was a great success and we believe that the client’s instant positive feedback shows us that as a team  we can and do provide professional support and manage expertise with the highest responsibility.'

'We also were fortunate to have an enjoyable evening out with the executive team at a traditional Swiss restaurant. I am proud to be part of the Ariba Managed Services Team in  Cluj - I am looking forward to future similar opportunities.'


"We've been using Xoomworks to help us drive forward our e-catalogue programme. They were selected because they seemed to offer the best combination of technical expertise married to understanding of both the business process and what needs to be done to drive change. We have not been disappointed. Xoomworks have helped us develop our e-catalogue plan, have been very effective in working with both BA's buyers and the supplier community in designing the best catalogue solution, and have the technical skills to deliver the end catalogues to BA ready to use"

Tim Richardson , General Manager - Procurement Operations , British Airways