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3 Peaks Challenge 2011

What did we do?

In October 2011 (yes we really did this in October) a team of 17 Xoomworks colleagues from both Cluj and UK offices and Alumni successfully completed the infamous 3 Peaks challenge.

Ben Spicer (Challenge Planner) summed it up perfectly: "Congratulations on completing (and surviving!) the three peaks. Although not everyone completed all three mountains, climbing one mountain is a big deal and two or even three in 24 hours s a huge achievement. Sadly the weather wasn't what we had hoped for, particularly the Scottish "mist", but we came together as a team and overcame all of the obstacles put in front of us - we worked brilliantly as a team. It worth saying how phenomenal it is that almost half the UK side of the company turned out for this.A huge thank you to our drivers, especially John 'I'm-going-to-drive-the-three-peaks-instead-of-walk-it' Binks, Anthony, David and Jamie. Xoomworks also deserves a big thank you for paying for most of the trip - cheers Nic!"

John Binks one of our brilliant non-stop drivers tells us straight about the experience: "I don't think I have words to describe the unpleasantness of the smell of the van after the weekend. This can only be a testament to the sheer amount of effort that you all put into the challenge!

A massive congratulations to all, especially so for those who took on all three of the peaks!!I must admit I got a few odd looks when I returned the van on Monday morning (driven by a man who looks dead, full of grass, mud, general crap, stinking of "man" and with a rather substantial mileage on the clock!!)."

A weary Neil Burns gives his assessment of achievements: "Plenty of highs with the only lows being a shadow of oneself when reaching the bottom of every climb……oh and putting on cold wet clothes for the next climb. Big thanks to Andy Hart for inspiring me to do the 3rd and final climb when I didn’t think I had it in me. And lastly, to Jamie and Dave who are truly awesome in their attitude towards helping others and Anthony who saw me in a dazed state and gave me a Mars bar at the end of the Scafell Pike climb. An experience I’m sure we’ll all never forget."

Radu from Cluj office gave this update: "Hello to this great team! I guess I was trying to ignore that this challenge has ever happened hoping to get rid of the funny walking faster...

...but that funny walking was the proof of what an amazing thing we`ve done for Bendrigg and for ourselves.

It was awesome to be a part of this team and to get to visit England, Scotland and Wales together, and thanks for the opportunity to have a proper English Breakfast “The Big One”. It was great playing “CAT” with Vai and Andy...though they had a slightly advantage with their English language. A BIG cheers to all of you and hope to see you soon!"

...And Colin Rhodes: "Wow, what an experience. Great company, huge challenges and truly British weather at its best! I am still walking like Douglas Bader (him off two false legs!) Had to get a sports massage because walking has been difficult and it seems that stairs are objects from the devil himself!!"

And Charlene: "Thank you to Ben and David for organising the trip, thank you to all the drivers and a massive thank you to Jamie for giving me his jumper on the top of Ben Nevis...You saved my life!"

The rest of the photos are available here, feel free to comment and upload your photos too.

Our chosen charity - Bendrigg Trust

Xoomworks 3 Peaks challenge team and friends raised money for the Bendrigg Trust who since 1978 have been providing outdoor activity courses and challenges for disabled and disadvantaged young people. We were fortunate enough to be able to stay at Bendriggs brilliant Oakwood lodge and meet the wonderful Lynne who took care of us and ensured we had a decent nights rest before continuing our journey up to Glen Nevis.

Lynne sent these kind words: Ben, have just enjoyed reading the ‘blog’ on your website of your 3 Peaks trip (link given via David), fantastic!!! I loved hearing all the stories and what the experience meant to everyone + plus seeing some photos. I would just like to say…

“I feel privileged to have met these great people and been involved in their challenge… if only a tiny bit. It was fun meeting everyone on the Friday night and feeling the excitement mount!! Lots of chatter/banter once everyone arrived at Bendrigg, delighted to have finally got out of their 4-wheels and stand on ‘terra-firma’. After brews and finding their bed, talk turned to what time to leave the next morning and the time of which got earlier by the minute! So for some I feel it was a very short night! Lovely for me to see David again, the last time I saw him his was groveling down a cave! I would just like to say how proud I am of all the Xoomworks team, the runners, drivers everyone and on behalf of Bendrigg, I would like to say a HUGE ‘thank you’ for all the money that is coming in… it is fantastic! Through all your gallant efforts more disabled or disadvantaged people will be able to enjoy a very special and often ‘a once in a life time’ outdoor experience. So thank you to all sponsors, organisers and to every person who was involved in making this challenge happen. I hope all your bodies have now returned to their ‘norm’ and you would be welcome at Bendrigg any time. Well… we do have a Bendrigg 10k road race on Sat 16th June 2012 if you fancy a bit more pain! (and fun of course).Warmest Wishes and hope to meet you again some time. Lynne xxx

How much did we raise?

At the time of writing this update we have raised almost £3000 for Bendrigg. However the sponsorship website will remain open for one more month so please do sponsor us. Please use the non for profit Virgin money link and also dont forget to select 'gift-aid' -


Many people have commented that this has been one of the best company events that we've had to date. I think its best summed up by Jamie & Nic:

Leg muscles - b*ggered
Calf muscles - b*ggered
Lower back muscles - b*ggered
Knees - b*ggered
Heart muscle - worked through mucho love for all my co-climbers and drivers
Face muscle - aching through either laughing at the various comments and antics on the trip or gurning from the wind and cold.What a truly awesome time. Seems odd that one can have such fun doing something truly sh*tty

....and finally by Nic: "I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all those that took part and supported the 3 Peaks challenge. The effort put in to the organising, logistics and taking part plus the huge comedy value delivered by the post event suffering, truly reflects what an outstanding bunch of people you are. I would also like to offer my congratulations to all those that gave moral support, guidance, sponsorship, auction items on the quiz night and general camaraderie. I know there were many who were with the walkers in spirit if not in body.
You have all made a impact, on yourselves, on the rest of us and on a whole bunch of disadvantaged and disabled children.
Pretty cool I’d say."

What is the 3 Peaks Challenge?

For those that haven’t heard of the Three Peaks before it involves trying to climb the highest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) within 24 hours.

Do I need to be a professional climber to do this?

Well it's not an easy task, but anyone who is fairly fit should be able to do it without any issues. It is also not as straightforward as you may think - as was recently shown in this article.

Vai from Xoomworks took part in the 'Yorkshire 3 Peaks' and here she shares some valuable lessons learnt for future challengers

  1. Always pack your spare clothes in a plastic bag so that even if your bag is a little open, it does not get wet on a rainy day
  2. Always carry food that you can walk and eat at the same time to keep valuable energy levels up
  3. Read up on how to deal with hypothermia
  4. Carry light warm clothes even on warm days (There can be several feet of snow at the top of Ben Nevis in October)
  5. Drink just enough to reduce toilet stops (boys maybe ok here)
  6. When at height and you need to jump, do mind your knees - bend when you land otherwise it does not absorb the shock.
  7. If you do find yourself alone always link up with someone else to walk with if you they come along
  8. Always carry spare dry clothes and especially socks

What do I do if I want to know more about how we prepared and beat the 3 Peaks challenge?

Please contact Ben (event co-ordinator and GPS expert) -

"Quality is absolutely number one for us and for several years Xoomworks have given us clear cost benefits without compromising the high quality of the individuals and the product they provide."

Eachan Fletcher , CTO EAN Brand , Expedia