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We've worked on a wide range of BI projects around the world, from the largest ever SAP BusinessObjects and SAP BusinessWarehouse integration to specialist projects with a few days turnaround. We specialise in strategy, implementation, integration, optimisation, migration, crisis management and post go-live support.

Although we believe that BI is industry agnostic, we do have industry experience in the publishing, finance, petrochemical, gambling and brewing industries, as well as with the NHS.

Case Studies

BI for everyone

How 20 man-days helped to save 288 man-days with report automation

Xoomworks BI used their skills and BI technology to fill a gap to automate the Frontier Technologies IT reporting processes to free valuable human resource. SAP Crystal Reports are now used for automated database queries allowing customers to access critical system reports online, live or retrospectively.
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Xoomworks equips a global risk management organisation to deliver and maintain SAP BusinessObjects™ as a key component of their product.

Neural Technologies provide best-in-class risk management solutions to a series of global companies. These solutions provide protection in a wide range of areas, managing fraud, credit, application, collections and revenue assurance risks by employing dynamic and ongoing risk assessment.
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Xoomworks collaborates intelligently with Yellowfin BI

The challenge – the inefficiencies of data siloes: Xoomworks’ data resided across a number of cloud and on-premise systems. Previously, in order to utilise this information, it had to be manually pulled together, consolidated and then analysed by hand. This process relied on a number of different individuals to work together to provide the data, and then on the knowledge and expertise of the individual compiling and examining it.
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Reports in real time, anytime, anywhere

The knowledge transfer from Xoomworks BI to DCK has allowed the company to adopt the new BI technology and Xoomworks BI solution at a pace to fully integrate with other data projects. Xoomworks BI has trained DCK to train new end users to spread the solutions created by Xoomworks BI as their business expands. DCK are now on a supported SAP BI platform to integrate the latest features on SAP’s development roadmap. They have a visible return on investment adopting mobile BI to eliminate their print and paper base culture.
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BI for complex projects

Xoomworks makes SAP Business Objects fly for a major petro-chemical company

Xoomworks’ client is a major petro-chemical company, based in Europe and operating across 70 countries. With over 90,000 staff and an annual revenue in excess of $400 billion, they need to get the utmost out of the company’s business data for making critical business decisions and reporting.
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The largest SAP BusinessObjects™ and SAP Business Warehouse™ integration project in the world

A global oil company began a strategic project to design, develop and implement an enterprise-wide data warehouse for its service and technology divisions.
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Business Intelligence Global Production System Upgraded and Enhanced by Specialist Xoomworks Consultants

A global oil company began a strategic project to completely upgrade and enhance the enterprise wide EBOSS global production system.
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